WannaBe Production

Stories are everything. Stories are everywhere. Stories happen all the time. To everyone.  Stories can change people, lives, and most importantly – stories inspire. Everyone has their own story. Everyone wants to tell it to the world.

We, WannaBe Production, can speak the powerful language of storytelling. We can create unique narratives for different medium – TV, cinema, theater or we can help you shape your own story.    


If you have an idea, a story or a character that you don’t know what to do with, or you just need someone to write instead of you, we offer:

  • Creating Concepts
  • Character Building
  • Script Development
  • Script Consulting
  • Script Editing
  • Translation of Fictional Texts
  • Writing for Advertisement Campaigns and Events

Creating a story is fun.

Let us get the work done. 


Check the projects we have been working so far. If you are curious about our current projects, check our facebook page.

  • Mission: Stratospheric Cinema

    Mission: Stratospheric Cinema

  • Project Happiness

    Project Happiness

  • ANNA: A Contemporary Woman

    ANNA: A Contemporary Woman

  • Enough


  • Doodle


  • Mystery of the Orient Express

    Mystery of the Orient Express

  • Joe

    Joe's Film

  • Blind Dates

    Blind Dates